Thank you.

Inclusion BC is a collective voice of people from across the province who stand with us as we advocate for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Thank you to our individual, family and organizational members for their support, guidance and leadership this past year.

Our donors and sponsors fuel our work and make our accomplishments possible. 

"Building and expanding our partnerships, while staying true to our grassroots has been a strong theme for us this past year." Read the messages from Inclusion BC and our Foundation.

helped 376 individuals and families.

built a more inclusive workforce.

kept 840,476 pounds of clothing out of the landfill.

made disability issues heard during provincial election.

spoke up for students with special needs.

re-IGNITEd the inclusion movement in BC.

disability: an essential part of the Canadian mosaic.


We are proud to say that over 82% of all revenue goes directly towards programs and services, funding the important work and accomplishments that you see in this report. Read more.